If I Could Choose One Superpower…

Posted on July 4th, by Semisi in Random Stuff. 5 comments

Tony Stark’s genius mind. That would be the superpower I’d get. If you are not familiar with who Tony Stark is, he’s a fictional super hero character who’s also known as Iron Man. Before your mind gets turned off by this blog post, I just want to say that this post may have some real world application. What’s 7 minutes out of your life worth? Have you ever watched a 2 hour movie and felt that you’ve gain nothing from it?

If you have not seen any of the Marvel Comic Iron Man films or the movie ‘Avengers’, then that’s okay. Tony Stark is a fictional character where I feel that he has a lot to offer to the world. At the beginning of the the first Iron Man movie, Mr. Stark is all about fame and making tons of money. After a life-changing event where he nearly dies, he has a change in heart. This is one part of the movie where it feels like he’s an actual real person. He actually has some depth to his character.

Without giving away too much of the plot, what basically saves him is his genius capacity. Because of his genius, he is charismatic, has an expensive taste in cars and owns an artificial intelligence system which I believe he built and engineered himself. The AI gives Tony Stark advice on personal safety, takes phone calls for him and keeps him company when he’s working on some great invention.

In a financial and business strategy sense, Tony Stark becomes the competitive advantage of his company, Stark Industries. He is basically the BRAINS of the company. If anything happens to the main asset, Tony Stark, the company stock value plummets. I think this poses a great threat to the company and risk management personnel would be stepping in. But aside from that, I think he is smart enough to figure that stuff out.

I like that fact that the CEO of a highly successful company is more talented than all the engineers and employees it hires. The engineers could not figure out how Tony created a portable power source with limited resources whereas engineers who have high accessibility to resources could not duplicate Tony’s efforts.

In the movie, ‘Avengers’, Tony Stark’s penthouse is located on top of a high-rise building which looks like a modern 70-story building. With his genius, Tony Stark has afforded to accumulate over a billion dollars in net worth and own a building with his name branded on the top of it. My favorite quote from the entire movie was when Captain America, Steve Rogers, critically questioned Tony Stark with which he responded with indifference.

Steve Rogers (Captain America): Big man in a suit of armor. Take that off, what are you?

Tony Stark (Iron Man): Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.

If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?

  • Joy

    Why not Howard Stark? Then you get the amazing brain without the lifelong dependence on life threatening batteries? ;) Best line was probably “I’m a God, I will not be bullied by……” Hilarious! Best super power is Rogue’s from X-Men.

    • semisitopui

      That’s true, I didn’t think about the life threatening batteries that will always be stuck in the back of my mind. Rogue’s power from X-Men is pretty cool too. I was hesitant because I might accidentally physically hurt someone without knowing it :)

      • Joy

        Professor X could fix pretty much anyone, or find someone who could. It’s a pity the Marvel characters are so limited by movies, and sometimes their characters and lives are totally rewritten! Maybe I should have paid more attention in computer class and read less comics at THS, aye! ;)

        • semisitopui

          Hmm. Let’s say I’m Professor X. Would it be true that you were called a “Prefect” at this institution called “THS”? If that didn’t make sense, then I probably wouldn’t cut it as a Professor X, haha

          • Joy

            Professor X fail. No never a prefect! Too much of a reject to cut it. Maybe that’s why I identify with Rogue! :)